Case Study – Kamik

Canadian-Made Kamik Boots
Step Out as a U.S. Favorite

Introduction: Reaching a New Target

A beloved Canadian brand for more than a century, Kamik was looking to elevate awareness and likability in the U.S. while maintaining leadership in Canada. With a goal to become a key player in the women’s footwear market, Kamik prioritized a newly defined target consumer of women 25-40 who value timeless style and high-quality, sustainable fashion – and LPR knew just how to reach her.

Challenge: Standing Out in a Crowded Category

The Kamik name is nearly ubiquitous in Canada, and while it’s continually a top-selling kids boot brand in the U.S., brand awareness among women and men is low. In a crowded category, U.S. consumers are faced with a lot of options (and well-known brands) when shopping for footwear.

Insight: A Reason to Believe – and Buy

Understanding the breadth of reasons women consider when choosing a specific brand and product, it was imperative to leverage Kamik’s strengths across fashion, function, comfort, sustainability, and innovation to elevate the brand across multiple consumer values.

Strategy: Keeping Heritage at Heart

To reach our key consumer, we had to deliver Kamik content where she was reading, shopping, and scrolling for fashion inspiration, and illustrate the benefits of buying Kamik over other options. A two-pronged approach ensured we hit the media she was reading and influencers she was following.

LPR developed a US-focused media and influencer strategy that kept the brand’s heritage as the focal point, communicating Kamik’s Canadian roots, commitment to sustainability, domestic manufacturing practices, innovative technologies, while highlighting the year’s new styles. A focus on seasonal storytelling and fashionable new footwear targeted media outlets across women’s, fashion, lifestyle, shopping, outdoor, parenting, men’s, and more, touting Kamik styles as a top choice for women, men, and children for all types of weather and conditions. Earned media efforts were complemented with SMTs to guarantee key messages were broadcast in priority markets. In addition to product publicity, new leadership at the company gave us a renewed reason to connect with trades and position Kamik as a key industry player.

Knowing our millennial target frequently references Instagram for fashion inspiration, LPR developed a multi-layered influencer approach to engage creators that represented Kamik’s key consumer (and excite their followers). We activated a mix of fashion and family influencers through sponsored lifestyle content that showcased Kamik styles in everyday settings, affiliate-focused outreach to drive retail sales via the LTK platform, and organic sampling to over 40 creators in Kamik’s top U.S. retail markets.


Capturing Attention
Across America